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Take your game to the next level with expert skill development – LKPD has UEFA C level qualified coaches and will help you to maximise your growth and progress. We believe that kids learn best in a fun, safe environment, which is why all coaches have enhanced DBS checks, safeguarding, and first aid qualifications

Does your young player dream of becoming a Football Legend?
At LKPD we help turn that dream into reality.

Our training programs are designed to develop elite technical skills, focusing on:

  • Dribbling & Ball Control: Master the art of close control and movement.
  • Passing & Receiving: Sharpen your passing accuracy and receiving technique.
  • Shooting & Finishing: Develop the power and precision for game-winning goals.
  • Footwork & Agility: Improve speed, agility, and reaction time on the field.

We offer programs for all ages and skill levels, led by experienced coaches who are passionate about nurturing young talent. Our training sessions are fun, engaging, and designed to boost confidence both on and off the field.

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Why Choose LKPD?

  • Become a Master of the Basics: We equip you with a strong foundation in Football principles. You’ll learn effective techniques to develop core football skills like passing, shooting, and dribbling.
  • Inspiring a Love for the Game: We emphasise creating a positive and engaging environment for players. You’ll gain the knowledge to stay motivated and develop a lifelong love for football.
  • Playing with Confidence: We provide practical experience to hone your decision-making skills on the pitch. You’ll graduate feeling confident in your ability to be an effective player and lead your team.
  • Certified, qualified, experienced coaches: The UEFA C Licence held by LKPD is recognised across Europe
  • Give Back to the Sport: We aren’t just about teaching skills. We care about mentorship, teamwork, and building character. Our goal is to make a positive impact on young players and contribute to the future of football. Regardless of skill level we care about the players, and want them to enjoy football.

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