Unless you’ve been living under a rock this past few months you’ve probably seen that this Banksy bloke has done this thing in the old Tropicana in Weston. This is mildly interesting because

a.) I live in Weston
b.) I used to go to the Tropicana as a kid
c.) Banksy

So you may also have seen that it is nearly impossible to get tickets. In spite of this I managed to get in for free to see a DJ Yoda performance on a Friday night, but that’s a story involving beer and me losing my wallet that I won’t tell here (actually I just did, that’s basically the whole story).

We wanted to go along in the daylight and see what it is all about. By some stroke of luck our friend had spare tickets so off we went. It was good, honestly the art thing is basically something I look at and go “cool, but I’m pretty sure I don’t get it”. Interesting to see the old swimming pool which seems much smaller than I remember, fancy that, my memory being wrong after twenty years.

Life pro tip: Don’t take a hyperactive two year old to an art installation exhibit in an old derelict swimming pool. He doesn’t care about art, he wants to go in the swimming pool.


Anyway, if you want to see photos go look on the internet there are loads out there better than any I took.