new phone toilet interface

new phone toilet interface

Last week I discovered that the Nokia Lumia 1020, whilst having the most bestest camera of any phone, is not resistant to being dropped into a toilet bowl.

So time for a new phone – and it seems the Lumia 1020 is discontinued and none of the current crop of cameras in phones are nearly as good.

I can’t get on with Android and I’m done with Apple, so I phone up Vodafone and order a new Lumia 930.

The bloke on the phone advises that a black one is not available, but they have an orange one. “Don’t worry”, he says “It’s not really orange, more a bronze colour.”

Oh yeah?


On the plus side it’s nicely made and I’m familiar with the Windows phone UI so I can live with it.

In other news I have somehow lost the battery charger for my D800 so I’ve had to buy a new one – hence the potato quality photos courtesy of an old iPhone4…