movember is upon us

movember is upon us

The manliest thing it is possible to do of all manly things (of which there are many) is to chop up wood with a chainsaw.



The actual manliest thing it is possible to do is to chop up wood with a chainsaw, whilst sporting a super manly amazing moustache. All men with moustaches are automatically superior and more handsome and manlier than all men who do not have moustaches. These facts are indisputable. So I find that I must partcipate….


I will document my progress as I and my intrepid chums from work go forth into the world of lip hair awesomeness. If you wish to support my moustache growing efforts financially, you should do so by giving money over here and by doing so you will be supporting not only some very worthy men’s health charities to do with things like cancer and that, but also you’ll be showing that you support moustaches.. And that matters.

If you don’t donate, think about what you are saying to the world? You’re saying that you like cancer – you’re actually supporting cancer, rather than supporting research into the fight against cancer. But oh so much worse than that – you’re saying that moustaches don’t look good. Is that the message you want to send to the world? Is it?

I didn’t think so.