re-kindling my love

re-kindling my love

So I just sent this:

Dear Amazonz,

I have personally sat on many books without materially altering my subsequent reading experience, so you can imagine my shock and distress when my Amazon Kindle broke the very first time I sat on it.

I have watched your recent television campaign where you state that “the book lives”. It is quite plain for anyone to see that this is quite simply not the case. The book is dead. I find myself now clutching a primitive paper based entertainment item known also as a “book”, which frankly makes me feel like some sort of cave man.

What’s worse is that the death of the kindle occurred on the first day of my holiday leaving me with nothing to read for six whole days. I almost died of boredom. I feel that Amazon is at least partly to blame for this.

Please assist at your earliest convenience.

Yours, Kindle-lessly.

Ben Dobson

The book lives

We’ll see what happens next.