PRS Consultancy Services for Local Authorities

When intervening in the PRS, it can be difficult to know where to go – PCSLA is the first port of call to
make sure that you can get the information, training and services that your team needs.


At PCLSA, we understand the complexities of the private rental sector. That’s why we’ve assembled a team of experts with diverse skillsets, all working towards the common goal of prioritising tenant wellbeing.

How can PCSLA help your local authority?

We can listen to the needs you have identified, and help you develop your ideas, solve your problems or simply link you to training, data and service providers who can help.

Local Authorities in England play an important role in overseeing the private rented sector, but they don’t directly manage the properties themselves.

However Local Authorities have significant legal responsibilities. PCSLA is here to help.

The complex web of tenants, landlords and properties can be hard to navigate. This is why PCSLA exists.

Ensuring safe, compliant housing requires a robust investigation, and enforcement framework.

PCSLA empowers local authorities and enforcement officers with the specialised knowledge needed to create a responsiobly and ethically managed private rental market.

Our team of experts delivers unparalleled support in:

Property Law Enforcement: We provide in-depth understanding of tenant rights and regulations, aiding in efficient investigations of complaints and potential legal violations. Our team includes the foremost experts in this field.

Licensing Expertise: We are industry leading experts in licensing schemes for HMOs and Selective Licensing areas. We help ensure accurate property data and compliance checks, maximising enforcement effectiveness.

Data-Driven Decisions: Our team interprets incredibly sophistcated property and financial data to identify potential rental property issues and areas with a high risk of non-compliance.

Enhanced Enforcement Capacity: Our expertise empowers local authorities to efficiently handle a high volume of cases, maximising impact and protecting tenants, as well as revenue neutral or revenue generating approaches.

Streamlined Processes: We provide clear, actionable guidance on enforcement procedures, leading to faster resolutions and improved efficiency.

Reduced Risks & Liabilities: Our comprehensive approach minimises the risk of legal challenges from non-compliant landlords, protecting the authority’s position.

Collaborative Partnerships: We work hand-in-hand with enforcement officers, fostering a strong understanding of regulations and best practices.

We are your enforcement partner, ensuring a thriving private rented sector that prioritises tenant welfare.

Data Analysis

We work with vast datasets to identify potential problem areas. This helps enforcement officers pinpoint properties or areas with a history of complaints or non-compliance, allowing for proactive intervention and targeted inspections.


Our licensing knowledge is second to none. They have authored comprehensive documents based on their understanding of HMO regulations and Selective Licensing schemes.

They assist local authorities in navigating the intricacies of these programs, ensuring accurate property data and streamlined compliance checks. This translates to faster processing times and a more efficient enforcement system.

But enforcement isn’t just about handing out fines. Our team also boasts specialists in tenant rights and Rent Repayment Orders (RROs). They possess a deep understanding of tenant protections and the legal avenues available to them. These experts work closely with enforcement officers, ensuring tenants receive fair treatment and securing RROs for those who have been wronged.

Together, PCLSA is a service that can analyise data, supply licensing expertise, enable enforcement muscle, and has an unparalled understanding of tenant rights to create a better rental market for all.

Our Services


Additional Services

We Offer

  • Civil Financial Penalty training
  • Rent Repayment Order training
  • Efficient referral streams for tenants entitled to Rent Repayment Orders & intelligence feedback
  • Unlawful Eviction and Harassment
  • PACE interview training
  • Damp & Mould training


  • Consultation on upcoming statutory duties in the Renters Reform Bill
  • Civil Financial Penalty support services – Enforcement policy consultation, template and workflow improvement, support centre for staff bringing CFPs, capacity expansion, Tribunal
  • evidence submission, advocacy in Tribunal hearings
  • Debt collection from unpaid Financial Penalties
  • Recovery of housing benefit and universal credit via Rent Repayment Orders Service
  • Stock condition surveys
  • Mailing House services EPC and MEES compliance services
  • Identifying unlicensed HMOs and houses
  • Advice and legal advocacy for tenants facing unlawful eviction and harassment and other
  • TRO services
  • Running consultations, gathering evidence and applying for discretionary licence schemes
  • Managing properties under Interim Management Orders

About Us

The Management Team of PCSLA is:.​

Al Mcclenahan

Al Mcclenahan – Local Authority Financial Penalty Outreach and Training Lead at Justice For Tenants

Ben Reeve-Lewis

Co-founder of Safer Renting and local authority unlawful eviction trainer

Ben Yarrow

CEO of PRS Intel

Molly Delaney

Projects Manager at Safer Renting

Roz Spencer

COO and co-founder of Safer Renting

Jorge Gomez

Community Outreach Officer

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